Terry MacKean, Kitchener Criminal Lawyer

Terry MacKean is a criminal lawyer based in Kitchener, Ontario with 39 years of courtroom experience. Terry joined the Attorney General’s Department of Justice in 1977 and prosecuted all types of criminal offences for 28 years. For the last 15 years of his service in Manitoba, he was a senior prosecutor and routinely prosecuted the most serious cases. He earned a reputation as a determined and formidable lawyer.

In 2002 Terry moved to Kitchener and joined the ministry of the Attorney General, again as a senior prosecutor. In 2005 he decided to enter private practice. Although Terry defends all types of criminal charges, his focus in the last few years has been on the defence of DUI offences.

Impaired Driving / .08 / Refusal

Terry defends all persons charged with drinking and driving related offences. This area of the law is very complicated and requires an experienced lawyer with extensive knowledge of the case law to successfully defend these types of charges.

Defence of Drinking and Driving Charges

There are not only many technical defences but there are strict procedures that police officers must follow before the prosecution can secure a conviction. In addition, any individual charged with any criminal offence has numerous legal rights under The Charter of Rights & Freedoms. Terry brings 30 years of prosecution experience during which time he has prosecuted thousands of drinking and driving cases varying from impaired driving through to impaired driving causing death and criminal negligence causing death. That experience combined with the last 9 years of experience as a Kitchener DUI lawyer has resulted in the successful defence of drinking and driving charges.

One of the major reasons for his success in defending these types of charges is that for over 20 years Terry provided instruction and advice to numerous police agencies and was the regular presenter to the Winnipeg Police Service and the R.C.M.P for over 20 years on the legal issues associated with drinking and driving offences. CLICK HERE for more information on the Voluntary Lectures and Presentations made while he was a senior prosecutor for the Manitoba Department of Justice.

Changes in the Law

Over the 39 years that Terry has practiced criminal law exclusively there have been many significant changes in both the legislation and the case law relating to DUI offences. When deciding on the right lawyer to defend you on any criminal charge it is important to know if he or she has kept abreast of changes in the legislation and the most recent court decisions.  CLICK HERE for information on Terry’s Continuing Professional Development.


If you have been charged with a DUI offence in Kitchener/Waterloo, the only option to avoid: – a Criminal Record;
– losing your licence for a minimum of 1 year;
– Significant financial cost

Is to retain an experienced and competent criminal lawyer who has extensive experience in the litigation of these offences.


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